Benefits of Drinking Grape Juice for Skin

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The best way to help our skin is from the inside. What we eat and drink can play a major role in skin health, and fresh juice is a great place to begin. Reap the benefits of drinking grape juice for skin with this resveratrol-packed recipe for glowing, smooth skin!

The Juice: Pom Sapphire

Makes 48 fl oz

Lean the benefits of drinking grape juice for skin health in this article. You'll be deliciously surprised!


4 Pomegranates

8 c Black Sapphire Grapes*


Peel the pomegranates.

Rinse and destem the grapes.

Run the ingredients through your juicer and enjoy!!!

*Note: Feel free to use any black grape variety for this recipe. Black grapes contain higher amounts of the key skin-benefiting nutrients listed below that make this juice so good.

Juicer Test Kitchen Insider Tip: I use the Pelamatic Orange Peeler Pro to quickly peel everything from pomegranates to oranges. It’s super easy to use and saves me significant time.

The Details: Smooth & Protect

Grapes are great for your skin, supporting it in several ways. A big one is resveratrol. This polyphenol produces anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagenic effects in the body, including the skin. It’s been documented to inhibit skin cancer tumors and produce a photoprotective effect.

Grape juice also contains significant amounts of vitamin C (70% RDI per cup). This vitamin is key for collagen production in the body, which helps prevent wrinkle formation by keeping our skin taught as supporting even skin tone.

Both resveratrol and vitamin C are also powerful antioxidants, removing free radicals that break down collagen and cause the signs of aging skin to appear.

Pomegranates, too, bring skin-loving properties to this recipe. With their wealth of antioxidants, they work to prevent free radical damage and support healthy skin.

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The Juicer: Nama J2

The Nama J2 Juicer makes juicing a true joy! It creates great juice, is easy to use and clean.

I made the Pom Sapphire using the Nama J2. This juicer has taken the industry by storm!

The Nama J2 brings together all the most important aspects of a great juicer: easy prep, fast juicing, good yield and nutrient extraction, and quick clean up. What makes this juicer so fast and easy to use is its 5 1/4-inch hopper. Just fill that bad boy up with produce, close the lid, and walk away while it juices!

The large size of the hopper combined with its auto-cutting blade means you have to do very little produce prep. I drop in whole pineapples (sans the crown and skin), and the Nama juices them with no problem. Talk about a serious time-saver!

Clean-up is a snap, and it comes with an excellent 4-year parts/15-year motor warranty. I definitely recommend this juicer for any home juicer, from newbies to daily divas! It’s the machine I use most regularly, and I love it!

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