Benefits of Drinking Pomegranate Juice for Skin

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Is your skin aging prematurely? Often this is side-effect of modern life. From a nutrient-void diet to toxic air pollution, our bodies show their effects through our skin. The benefits of drinking pomegranate juice for skin are significant, and employing this delicious juice may help your skin regain its natural health and vitality. Let’s give it a try!

The Juice: Pom Rose

Makes 32 fl oz

The benefits of drinking pomegranate juice for skin are as numerous as they are delicious.


2 Lucy Rose Apples

4 Pomegranates


Deseed the apples (optional).

Remove the arils from the pomegranate.

Run the ingredients through your juicer and enjoy!!!

Juicer Test Kitchen Insider Tip: You can juice pomegranates using a few different techniques. For this recipe, I decided to remove the arils, the juice-filled jewels surrounding the small white seed, and add them to the juicer.

A quicker method would be to peel the pomegranate, either by hand or using an electric peeler like this one. This leaves some pith and the membranes separating the arils, giving the juice a slightly astringent property. I don’t mind this and often use my electric peeler to save time; plus, it also imparts additional nutritional properties from the pith and membrane.

The Details: Fresh Face

These two red-fleshed fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have been shown to offset the aging effects of the sun and living in a modern world.

The polyphenols from pomegranates, namely anthocyanins and flavonoids, have been shown in studies to prevent skin cell damage and tumor formation. High levels of vitamin C may help reverse the signs of aging that result from free radical damage caused by sun and environmental pollutant exposure.

You’ll also get a small amount of seed oil from the pomegranate seeds. This oil delivers antioxidants like ellagic acid that help moisturize the skin, keeping it plump and firm while staving off wrinkles.

Apples also contain antioxidants that fight those skin-sapping free radicals.

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The Juicer: Kuvings REVO830

I made the Pome Rose using the Kuvings REVO830 juicer. This versatile machine makes great juice and so much more!

The Kuvings REVO830 significantly reduces your juicing prep time thanks to its dual-feed produce hopper. The vertical cut chute is designed to handle long produce, like carrots, chard, cucumbers, and celery whole. The 3.5″ wide auto-cut hopper takes larger produce like beets, oranges, and apples with zero chopping. No chopping = less prep time!

The REVO830 not only makes delicious juice with good yield and nutrient retention, but it also does so much more! You can make fantastic nut milk, smoothies, sorbets, and nice cream. Talk about bang for your buck!

It boasts an upgraded motor, which is both super quiet and allows you to run non-stop for up to 45 minutes. All this awesomeness is backed by an astounding 15-year warranty. I highly recommend this machine for any home juicer. It’s one I often use on my own juice-feasting journey!

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