Best Juice to Make You POOP!

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There are times when we get a little backed up…and really wish **it would happen. Rather than turn to harsh chemicals, try something gently natural for relief. This is the best juice to make you poop that I’ve ever created. All hail the amazing Pitaya, otherwise known as Dragon Fruit. It’s the star of the show and really does the job of getting you moving.

The Juice: Smooth Move

Makes 32 fl oz

Best juice to make you poop!


3 Apples

3 Pears (D’anjou or any juicy variety)

1 Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)*

1 Lime


Wash, destem, and chop (if needed) the apples and pears.

Split and scoop the flesh from the pitaya.

Peel the lime.

Run all ingredients through your juicer and enjoy!

* I used a white-fleshed pink dragon fruit for this recipe, but any variety will work just as well.

The Details: Get Your Poop On

Pitaya is one of nature’s best laxative fruits, with its trifecta of poop-positive elements: fiber, magnesium, and oligosaccharides. Even when juiced, dragon fruit will yield both soluble and (some) insoluble fiber, both key to smooth bowel movements. Magnesium draws water into the intestinal tract, aiding in constipation relief. Studies also suggest that oligosaccharides have a laxative effect on the body, so combining these three alone should do wonders for your regularity.

Pears contain a significant amount of sorbitol, which, like magnesium, is an osmotic laxative drawing water into the intestines softening stool and allowing it to pass through. Apples have a high fructose level, which has a similar laxative effect. Both provide significant soluble and some insoluble fiber when juiced.

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The Juicer: Nama J2 Juicer

The Nama J2 Juicer is taking the juicing world by storm!

I made the Smooth Move on the Nama J2 Juicer! The fastest, most convenient cold-press juicer I’ve ever used!

The Nama J2 takes juicing to a whole new level with its innovative hopper top. You load it up with whole ingredients, close the lid, and let it go! No need for significant produce prepping, which saves a ton of time. The yield is good with minimal pulp in the juice. It’s become my daily go-to juicer!

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