Best Non-Alcoholic Halloween Punch!

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Want to make a spooky, yet healthy drink for your next Halloween party? I have just the thing! This recipe for the best non-alcoholic Halloween punch will give your guests a thrill! It’s filled with bloody beet skulls, creepy carrots, and the Great Pumpkin! Make your party marvelous with this deviously delicious drink!

The Juice: Beet To The Skull

Makes 24 fl oz

Try this delicious halloween punch that brings all the goodness with none of the booze! Check out the recipe and serve it to your goulish guests!

1. Start with the Skull Cubes!

Before making the juice, be sure to create and freeze your beet skull ice cubes.

Ingredients – Skull Ice Cubes

3 Beets

Directions – Skull Ice Cubes

Scrub the beets

Run through your juicer.

Pour into skull ice cube molds and freeze.

Remove from mold and place in individual glasses.

Use fresh beet juice to make your skull ice cubes
Close up of a frozen beet juice skull ice cube

2. Make the Fresh Juice

Ingredients – Juice

1 Small Pie Pumpkin (6 cups)

6 Carrots

3 Oranges

1 Lemon

Directions – Juice

Chunk up the pumpkin, discarding the stem.

Scrub the carrots.

Peel the oranges and lemon (optional).

Run the ingredients through your juicer.

3. Pour Over the Skull Ice Cubes

Pouring halloween punch over frozen beet skull ice cubes.

Remember to make multiples of this recipe if you’re hosting a larger Halloween party, so there’s plenty for everyone. I find a serving size of 12 ounces works great. Enjoy!

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The Juicer: Kuvings REVO830

Kuvings REVO830 is a fantastic juicer that makes great tasting juice fast and easy. It's a wonderful choice for the home juicer!

I made the Beet To The Skull on the REVO830! This machine brings you the best of two worlds!

What sets the REVO830 apart is its hybrid technology – combining the best of both a horizontal and vertical juicer. It features two distinct produce chutes.

First is a tall vertical chute designed for whole carrots, celery stalks, ginger thumbs, and long leafy greens. Where other juicers tend to clog when you don’t chop up these fibrous produce, the REVO830 doesn’t skip a beat!

Second is the Auto-Cut Chute. This large 3.5″ feed chute handles whole apples, oranges, beets, berries, etc. This chute cuts the produce as it drops in without having to pre-cut, saving you lots of prep time.

Combining the fact you don’t have to precut your produce with its up-sized motor, this machine is fast! Bonus is that it has a 45 minute run time versus others that only have a 30-minute capability.

You can make a TON of juice for you and your family for the week on this juicer, as well as smoothies, frozen sorbets, nice cream, and nut milk. Couple this with a crazy 15-year warranty and it’s a tough one to beat for the home juicer!

Post a comment below if you try this recipe. We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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