Try My Best Post-Workout Hydration Drink

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Exercise doesn’t end with that last rep lifted or mile run. Recovery is just as important to an excellent routine. Skip chemical-laden sports drinks and opt for this juice. It’s the best post-workout hydration drink to help you replenish important electrolytes and get your muscles ready for the next round.

The Juice: Electrolyte Punch

Makes 64 fl oz

Try this tasty post-workout hydration workout juice.


1/2 Large Watermelon

2 Limes

3″ Thumb of Ginger

1/8 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt


Remove the watermelon rind. (optional).

Peel the limes (optional).

Scrub the ginger.

Run the ingredients through your juicer, mix in the sea salt, and enjoy!!!

The Details: Refresh & Replenish

Electrolytes are key to hydration in that they help our cells maintain optimal fluid balance, directing water and soluble nutrients to areas that need them. When we sweat, we lose these charged particles and must replace them to keep our system balanced.

Watermelon contains the electrolytes potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, along with L-citrulline. This amino acid is thought to enhance athletic performance and improve oxygen transport. Watermelon is also downright delicious, making it a great post-workout drink.

Fruit juice alone, however, is typically short on salt – a crucial component to achieving hydration. That’s why I added a touch of sea salt. Sodium is key to hydration in the body, and sea salt is naturally high in sodium, along with other important electrolytes (calcium, potassium, and magnesium).

Lime and ginger both help make this juice taste even better. Plus, ginger possesses powerful anti-nausea properties, an added bonus for recovery from extreme activities like running a marathon where a queasy stomach is sometimes an unpleasant side effect.

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The Juicer: PURE Juicer

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The PURE Juicer stands out from its competitors with its superior juice yield and nutrient extraction capabilities. Thanks to its 2.5-ton press and two-step extraction process, you’ll be rewarded with 30-50% more juice than the competition. Those gains allow the PURE to pay for itself!

This machine is a true workhorse, constructed of high-caliber food-grade stainless steel protected by an impressive 12-year warranty. A serious bonus is its ability to do way more than juice. Make nice cream, sorbets, nut milk, baby food, cauliflower rice, and even grind coffee!

I highly recommend the PURE Juicer for the serious home juicer or light commercial user. It’s a fantastic investment that’s worth every penny!

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