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Green juice is a great way to power up first thing in the morning! I enjoy a blend of fresh greens balanced by a bit of sweetness to get myself rolling. Try this morning green juice recipe and see how you can start your day in a great way! It’s particularly rich in potassium, a crucial mineral for your body. Read on to find out more!

The Juice: Potassium Power

Makes 24 fl oz

Try this great morning green juice recipe to power up your body!


4 Stalks Celery

6 Carrots

Handful of Parsley

Handful of Spinach


Wash the celery and carrots (no peeling needed).

Rinse and pat dry the parsley and spinach.

Run the ingredients through your juicer and enjoy!!!

The Details: Morning Power Up!

This green juice is packed with incredible components to help you start your day right. This recipe is particularly high in potassium. Let’s take a deeper dive into what potassium can do for the body:

Cellular Fluid Regulation – We’re made up of roughly 60% water, with 2/3rds being intercellular fluid. The key to regulating this fluid is the electrolyte potassium. Without sufficient amounts, the delicate balance between intercellular and extracellular fluid is thrown off, resulting in dehydration and cellular destruction.

Heart Functionality – Potassium significantly affects muscle contraction, keeping our hearts beating regularly. Without it, the heart can weaken, causing an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that, in serious cases, can lead to sudden death.

Nervous System Regulation – In conjunction with sodium, potassium is responsible for nerve impulse activation. No impulse, no life. So, keeping your potassium levels up is key to a happy, healthy body!

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The Juicer: Kuvings REVO830

The Kuvings REVO830 juicer makes great morning green juice!

I made Potassium Power using the Kuvings REVO830 juicer. Make great juice fast and so much more!

The Kuvings REVO830 makes quick work out of your juicing thanks to its revolutionary dual-feed produce hopper. Greatly reducing prep time, this feature eliminates the need to chop most ingredients. Cucumbers, carrots, celery, greens, and other long produce are fed whole into the vertical cut chute, while big items like apples, oranges, beets go in whole into the 3.5″ auto-cut hopper. Minimal chopping is required!

The REVO830 has a rugged upgraded motor that is very quiet and lets you run non-stop for up to 45 minutes. It also makes nice cream, nut milk, sorbets, and smoothies!

Backed by an awesome 15-year warranty, I definitely recommend the Kuvings REVO830 for any home juicer. I use it often and know you’ll love it, too!

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