Green Juice for Anxiety

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Looking for a way to quell your anxiety naturally? Employ the power of juice! This green juice for anxiety recipe combines vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and essential oils to keep your system calm, cool, and collected. Try making this delicious green juice a part of your self-care routine.

The Juice: Serene Green

Makes 32 fl oz

Green juice for anxiety is a deliciously natural way to help keep you calm, cool, and collected!


1 Head of Celery

1 Bunch of Parsley

1 Cucumber

1 Lemon

1 Bunch of Spinach


Separate the celery stalks and scrub.

Rinse the parsley and spinach, then pat dry.

Rinse off the cucumber (peel only if waxed).

Peel the lemon (optional)

Run the ingredients through your juicer and enjoy!!!

The Details: Drink a Sigh of Relief

Celery starts the list of calming properties with vitamin K. One cup of celery juice has nearly 75% RDV of this key vitamin known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It’s also known to reduce inflammation in the gut and provide prebiotic soluble fiber to aid in healthy gut microbe growth. Numerous studies link mental health to our gut biome, so a healthy gut may make for a calm, happy mind.

Parsley is purported to have excellent antianxiety properties, which is supported by National Institute of Health findings. This humble herb is incredibly high in vitamin K (over 500% in 1/2 c) and vitamin C (over 50% in 1/2 c), with some magnesium to boot, all of which are linked to reduced anxiety symptoms.

Spinach is also rich in vitamin C and magnesium, so aids in the fight against anxiety. Cucumbers add vitamin B to the anti-anxiety mix, as well as promote good gut health. Lemon juice contributes even more vitamin C. Combined, all these ingredients result in a powerful tonic against anxiety.

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The Juicer: PURE Juicer

I made Serene Green using the PURE Juicer. This machine is the best of the best in the industry!

The PURE Juicer takes top marks for its incredible juice yield and nutrient extraction capabilities. Time and time again, when I use this machine I’m blown away by the quality and quantity of juice it produces.

When I talk about best yield, I mean 30-50% more juice every time! This kind of yield increase gives you HUGE SAVINGS over time, allowing the PURE Juicer to pay for itself. It makes the initial investment a no-brainer for the serious juicer.

How does the PURE do it? It employs a two-step extraction process, with an incredible 2.5-ton press at its heart. This unlocks the full potential in every piece of produce you run through it!

The PURE Juicer is a workhorse of a machine, constructed of high-quality, food-grade stainless steel backed by an incredible 12-year warranty. What makes it even better it the ability to make way more than juice. You can do baby food, nice cream, plant milk, sorbets, cauliflower rice, and even grind coffee!

unquestionably recommend the PURE Juicer for both serious home juicers and light commercial users. It’s an extraordinary investment in your health!

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