How to Make Cranberry Juice Taste Better for UTI

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Cranberry juice is a classic home remedy for a urinary tract infection (UTI), but not everybody likes the taste of pure cranberry juice. Especially when making your own, straight-up cranberry juice is downright tough to drink all on its own. I’m here to show you how to make cranberry juice taste better for UTI with this simple recipe.

The Juice: Sweeten The Deal

Makes 32 fl oz

Learn how to make cranberry juice taste better for UTI with this easy recipe!


6 Apples*

1 12oz Bag of Fresh Cranberries


Wash and cut the apples.

Rinse the cranberries.

Run the ingredients through your juicer and enjoy!!!

* Use sweet apple varieties like Honeycrisp, Fuji, or Gala, avoiding super tart ones like Granny Smith.

The Details: Sweet-Tart Relief

The sweetness from the apples is the key that counters the cranberry tartness in this recipe. Apple juice is also good for hydration, helping you flush your system.

Apples are not the only source of natural fruity sweetness that pairs well with fresh cranberries. Try this recipe using pineapple, experiment with oranges or pears, or go for a combination of fruits that you love!

Cranberries themselves contain polyphenol compounds called proanthocyanidins that are thought to help reduce bacteria and prevent them from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract lining.

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The Juicer: Nama J2

The Nama J2 is a powerful juicer that is incredibly easy to use. Simply put your produce in the huge top hopper, close the lid, and walk away while it juices for you. So fast and easy!

I made the Sweeten The Deal using the Nama J2. This machine is the juicer I use every day!

The Nama J2 has revolutionized the juicing industry with its 5 1/4-inch wide hopper. Simply load it up with whole produce, including apples, beets, and pineapples, close the lid, and walk away while it juices everything for you! No more need to cut everything into tiny pieces and then stand there feeding the machine while it slowly works. This innovation saves you a ton of time while still giving you a good yield and nutrient extraction.

The J2 also comes apart and cleans up quickly, is backed by a 4-year parts/15-year motor warranty, and looks great on your counter. I highly recommend it for any home juicer, whether you’re brand new or have been at it for years. It’s a fantastic machine!

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