Juicing for Bladder Infection

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Let’s be frank…bladder infections are absolutely NO FUN. When you’re unfortunate to get one, all you want is quick relief from the irritation and burning. Juicing for bladder infection may be one way to help soothe symptoms and prevent future infection altogether.

The Juice: Better Bladder

Makes 32 fl oz

Juicing for bladder infection is one way to help your body heal itself. Try this tasty recipe today!


1 Pineapple

12 oz Fresh Cranberries


Peel, de-crown, and chop (if needed) the pineapple.

Rinse the cranberries.

Run all ingredients through your juicer and enjoy!!!

The Details: Cool the Burn

Cranberries have been touted for centuries as a natural cure for bladder infections. The theory is that the phenolic acids and flavonoids found in these tiny fruits may help reduce bacteria and inhibit their ability to stick to the urinary tract lining. It has also been touted as a possible preventative of future infection occurrences.

The enzyme bromelain found in pineapple is a powerful antioxidant that may lower pain from infection thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Both fruits are excellent diuretics, and key to healing from and preventing future bladder infections is hydration and good urine flow. You gotta flush that bladder out to keep it happy!

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The Juicer: Nama J2 Juicer

The Nama J2 Juicer is taking the juicing world by storm!

I made the Better Bladder on the Nama J2! It’s a phenomenally easy-to-use juicer!

This machine is my top choice for the home juicer. Novice to juicing virtuoso, the Nama J2 is super easy to use and makes quick work out of any juice recipe. What makes it so quick and easy is the big produce hopper. All you have to do is fill it up (no need to cut things into little pieces…see that WHOLE PINEAPPLE in the above photo?!?), close the lid, and away it goes!

Because you don’t have to do much produce prep work, juicing is much quicker on the Nama J2. Since it’s a cold-press juicer, you still get good yield and nutrient values! Once you’re done, clean-up is a snap. I definitely use this juicer the most of any others in my vast collection.

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