Try Juicing for Kidney Stones

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Passing kidney stones is a remarkably painful experience that no one wants to go through twice, if ever. Like with many health issues, there are things we can do in our daily lives to help prevent them from happening to us. Why not try juicing for kidney stones and employ the power of nature to help keep those bad boys at bay?

The Juice: Tropi-Coco Mylk

Makes 64 fl oz


1 Uber Ripe Pineapple

1/2 C Fresh Coconut Milk


* Prepare your fresh coconut milk.

Cut off the top, remove the skin (optional), and chop the pineapple.

Run the pineapple through your juicer.

Mix with the coconut milk and enjoy!!!

Learn how to make fresh coconut milk.

* How to make fresh coconut milk:

  • Crack open the coconut, carefully capturing the coconut water.
  • Scrape out the white flesh.
  • Blend the flesh, coconut water, and 20 oz water until smooth.
  • Pour the mixture into a fine mesh bag and press the liquid into a bowl or pitcher, reserving it for your recipe above.

The Details: Keeping Kidneys Happy

Coconut water is an excellent source of hydration, a key to keeping kidney stone components low in your urine. Compounds like oxalate and calcium can form crystals in the urine, eventually creating kidney stones. Coconut water may also prevent those crystals from sticking to the kidney and urinary tract surfaces, lowering the risk of kidney stone formation.

Pineapple, too, may help lower your risk of developing kidney stones by offering low-potassium hydration (there’s that hydration again!). For those with underlying kidney disease, consuming low-potassium foods is a typical part of their daily diet. Also present in pineapple is the enzyme bromelin, an important anti-inflammatory.

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The Juicer: PURE Juicer

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I made the Tropi-Coco Mylk on the PURE Juicer! The PURE Juicer is the undisputed champion of the juicer world!

What makes the PURE Juicer so amazing? It holds the title for best yield AND nutrient extraction of any table-top model on the market. Their unique 2-step cold press process makes these both possible. With pineapples, you’ll easily get 30-50% more juice yield than any other top juicer! Talk about a machine that pays for itself!

I also love that you can do more than just juice: make fresh nut milk, cauliflower rice, baby food, and even grind coffee! Also awesome is its all-stainless steel construction backed by a whopping 12-year warranty. I highly recommend the PURE Juicer for any serious home or light commercial juicer.

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